Protect Your Investment: Get Help From A Disability Attorney in Nashville, TN

by | Sep 26, 2014 | Lawyers

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Most people are under the impression it is employees who get the worst of it when an accident happens on the job. However, as an employer, you will realize that dealing with disability cases can be more work than you could have anticipated. You therefore need to understand everything about disability law, and how it affects your workplace. In case of a disability case among your employees, you may also need to hire a Disability Attorney in Nashville TN, to help safeguard the interests of the company.


Hiring and firing employees
Disability laws related to hiring and firing employees with disabilities are very strict. As an employer, you may find yourself caught between a rock and a hard place when you are obliged not to act in a manner that seems discriminatory to any employee or potential employee. On the other hand, you are not sure about their ability to perform. Understanding what is considered outright discrimination and what is seen as fair in the hiring and firing process will help you avoid lawsuits.


Making changes to accommodate disabled employees
Once you take on a disabled employee, it becomes your responsibility to do everything possible to assure them of total comfort while working for you. For instance, you may have to adjust work schedules to accommodate them, install ramps and get special parking spots reserved for the disabled people. Ignoring these changes could result in a lawsuit. A lawyer will help you understand what is considered simple measures to accommodate disabled employees and what will be seen as going too far or an unreasonable demand from the employee


Dealing with scheming
It is quite unfortunate that some employees try to use their disability to secure positions they do not qualify for. These are very sensitive issues and, if handled incorrectly, they could end up in a lawsuit. In case the disability of an employee limits them from performing the responsibilities that come with a certain position, you should consult a Disability Attorney in Nashville TN, and come up with a solution to the situation.


Those are a few of the issues employers have to deal with when handling disabled employees. Click Here to learn more about these laws.



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