Reasons to Install Steel Fence Installation Ankeny, IA

by | Sep 26, 2014 | Home Improvement

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When considering new fencing, most people visualize wood or vinyl. They like the look and privacy these types of fencing afford. However, you can install steel fencing, which is lower in maintenance, lasts much longer and still affords privacy with the use of plastic strips or shrubs and trees. Steel fencing also comes in other colors besides the standard silver.

Steel Fence Installation Ankeny IA, is a cost effective choice for parts and installation. Because they do not rust, steel fences last much longer than their wood counterparts. Chain link fencing provides better views while keeping pets and children in. There is no maintenance to a steel fence, while wood fencing requires sealant as well as repairs of rotted boards and loose nails. You will never have a termite problem with steel fencing. Buying steel fencing saves trees as well! Steel fencing is much more durable in high winds and storms. If you desire more privacy, consider weaving plastic stripping through the links in your steel fence to block views of whatever side you desire. If the stripping is not desirable, you can also plant trees and shrubs for more privacy while still having the benefits of the steel fence.

Steel Fence Installation Ankeny IA, is not just for residential areas. Chain link fences are used for ball parks, tracks, football fields, batting cages, tennis courts, school property and more. Steel fences are a great way to stay on budget when building one of these community projects. They keep your game balls inside the play area and animals out while still affording a view of the surrounding property. They are also perfect for building pet kennels. It allows you to see your pet from anywhere in your yard or even from inside your home. If you live in a rural area where there are a lot of deer and other wildlife, a steel fence can provide protection for your garden area while allowing air to flow through.

Contact your local steel fence installer such as Des Moines Steel Fence to ask about pricing and options. Your investment on a steel fence will be much lower on the initial installation as well as the life of the fence because it will last longer. It will provide better views and comes in several different colors to compliment your home.


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