Professional Installation Of Gas Fireplace Inserts


If you have decided to convert your existing wood burning fire place to a cleaner, more efficient fuel source then a gas fireplace insert is an ideal choice. There are numerous benefits to a gas fireplace installation in Chicago but one thing you must do is have it installed by professionals. Although these inserts are designed to fit nicely in the hearth of your existing fireplace, if they are not installed properly by a pro they can pose a fire threat.

There is more to it than simply installing an insert:

   * Chimney inspection: There are a couple of reasons why the chimney must be inspected prior to the installation of a gas insert. All gas fuel appliances must meet specific venting specs and, as the new fuel does not lead to the buildup of creosote in the chimney, it is important that it is clean.

   * Venting specs are extremely important: If you’re new fireplace installation in Chicago is going to work at maximum efficiency the venting and heating systems must work in harmony. In most installations the chimney flue will be oversize for the new insert; this causes issues with combustion and condensation. During combustion, water vapor is created, when the vent system is sized properly, water vapor is carried away quickly and does not condense inside the flue. If the water vapor does condense eventually it will cause significant damage to the flue which can trap dangerous toxic gases in the home.

   * The importance of proper draft: There will be issues with proper draft if the flue size and appliance size are not compatible. If there is not enough draft there will be a reduction in efficiency and incomplete combustion can lead to the production of carbon monoxide.

These and other considerations are extremely important when making the conversion from wood to gas in your fire place.

For professional gas fireplace installation in Chicago, rely on the best; rely on supply and installation by Northwest Metalcraft.

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