Gas Insert Fireplace – Out With the Old and In With the New


Is your central heating system costing you an excessive amount of money on a monthly basis which is becoming unaffordable? Or, are simply paying too much despite the fact that you can afford it? There is a solution available to help deal with these costs and reduce them while still enabling you to experience cozy warmth in your living spaces. The answer to this problem is the gas insert fireplace. Regardless of whether you have a current old-style wood-burning fireplace with the chimney in your home, you can have one of these inserts installed and transform the way you enjoy fireplace heat.

Old Inefficient Wood Burning Fireplaces

The old fireplaces of the past that burned wood had a certain pleasant scent about them that many people enjoyed. They were charming, but yet at the same time required a considerable amount of cleanup from time to time. The efficiency of the old style wood-burning fireplaces was only about 5 to 15 percent. The rest of the heat was lost up through the chimney or into the surrounding material of the chimney.

Efficient Gas Fireplace Inserts

The old inefficiencies of the past can be left behind with a modern gas insert fireplace. These units operate within an enclosed cast-iron fireproof box with insulated glass at the front of the unit. The heat that is produced within this closed combustion system is preserved by and large within the unit and dispersed into the living space. Often, a blower will bring in heat from the air within the room and bring it back into the unit.

Start Your Fire Quickly

These fireplace gas inserts are easy to use. You can start the unit by pressing a button or flipping a switch. The units often come with a remote control from which you can control the operation of the fireplace anywhere within the living area.

As long as a supply of gas is available, the unit will continue to burn in heat the room. As well there are options available in terms of design and color so that you can choose those elements according to your interior décor.

If you are interested in having a gas insert fireplace installed in your home, get in touch with a reliable and experienced modern gas fireplace supplier today for information about your options.

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