Prepare for the Worst with These 4 Bad Weather Moving Tips


Whether you use a trusted moving company in Nashville or do the job yourself, you’ll need to plan far ahead for moving day. However, there is one thing you have little control over and it’s the weather. No one wants to move in the rain or during stormy weather, but you may no other option. Here are 4 bad weather tips to get you through some of life’s most difficult times.

1. Have Temporary Furniture Covers Ready to Go

A good moving company should have furniture covers but “do it yourself” movers need to plan in advance. The weather in Nashville can be unpredictable at times, so get some type of temporary covers for your furniture. Buy sheets of polyethylene plastic or a few tarps. Don’t forget to include masking tape to secure the covers.

2. Be Familiar with Your Route

Before your moving company professionals arrive, take some time to check out any trouble spots they may encounter while carrying your things. For example, look for areas which may be the source of puddles, in case a sudden Nashville thunderstorm comes up. Have something ready to put down, so your movers won’t need to carry things through mud.

3. Keep Rain Gear on Hand

Don’t pack stormy weather apparel like boots and rain coats. If you suspect rainy weather, consider umbrellas. Make sure you wear shoes that are not slick when the soles are wet, or you could easily slip and fall.

4. Kids and Stormy Weather

Take the kids to a sitter, if you can. Include rainy weather games and activity books with other play items. This not only makes it easier on the kids, it will create fewer distractions for the moving company workers. You can’t stop the rain in Nashville but you can make it better for everyone on moving day.

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