The Benefits of a Check Weigher to Your Processing Line


If your business packages food of any kind, you no doubt weigh or measure each package to ensure the correct amount of food. Adding a check weigher to this process can provide additional benefit to your business. Here’s why you might want a check weigher.

Check weighers double check the weight of each package before it leaves your facility. It helps to ensure your product is accurately packaged before it goes out the door. A check weigher can detect when the weight of a package is not what it should be. It then alerts you, or rejects the package, depending upon your programming.

A check weigher can help you find improperly filled packages or pieces missing from a set. You can then adjust the package accordingly before it leaves the warehouse. In addition, a check weigher can provide other functions to increase business efficiency.

Once the check weigher has determined that your package weight is accurate, it can create the barcodes and shipping labels you desire. This allows it to complete the final process of packaging your product, so that it is ready for immediate shipment.

Today’s check weighers are highly programmable. You can calibrate the machine to work at the required settings for your production. To create bar codes and shipping labels, you connect the machine to a computer to allow you to control the labels.

When you’re looking for a way to speed production, increase efficiency and ensure accuracy, there is no product you can add to your line that will help you more than a check weigher. Whether you add this as a standalone product, or connect it to a full product line, you can be sure your check weigher will pay for itself in increased accuracy and productivity for your company.

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