Possible Charges in Dog Bite Attack Cases

Possible Charges in Dog Bite Attack Cases

Under certain circumstances, a dog attack can have consequences more severe than a fine or a warning. Laws vary by jurisdiction, but a few generalities apply. If a victim dies from their injuries, the dog owner may be charged with homicide. When dogs are trained to attack, figh, or kill, they can be considered deadly weapons.

When Can Dog Owners Be Charged with Homicide?
In some dog bite attack cases, dog owners may face manslaughter or murder charges if someone dies. For instance, if the owner knew the dog was dangerous, but still allowed it to roam freely, the owner could be considered reckless or negligent. If that animal attacks a person who later dies, the owner can face involuntary manslaughter charges. Some dog bite attack cases can lead to murder charges. If an owner has a dog trained to attack or kill, and the dog mauls a child to death, the owner could face second-degree murder charges.

When Can Dog Owners Face Charges of Criminal Assault?
Owners of dogs may also face charges of criminal assault if the animal attacks and bites a person. The reason is that dogs may be regarded as deadly weapons in some cases, and any attack could carry a charge of assault with a deadly weapon.

Other Criminal Charges in Dog Bite Cases
A dog owner may face charges of concealment or destruction of evidence if they conceal or kill an animal after it attacks someone. Dog owners facing such charges should hire an attorney to protect their rights and formulate a good defense to the charges.

Should an Owner Call a Lawyer If Their Dog Attacks Someone?
If a dog kills or seriously injures someone, or if a person owns a dog that’s known to be dangerous, trained to kill or trained to fight, the owner should consult a defense attorney. A local criminal defense lawyer with Dulaney Lauer & Thomas, LLP can help the client put together a defense to criminal charges. By hiring a dog bite attorney, a client can learn more about the legal process and they can gain valuable insight into their case.

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