Hire a Brain Injury Attorney in Vermont As Soon As Possible After an Accident


Each year, over 30,000 people suffer from moderate head injuries that require medical treatment and affect one’s abilities to perform tasks associated with daily life. While these brain injuries are typically linked to auto accidents, they can also arise from falls, product defects, sporting, and on-the-job accidents. Here, potential clients can learn about the causes and symptoms of brain injuries.

Symptoms of Brain Injury
Someone suffering from a severe brain injury can exhibit cognitive, physical and behavioral issues. Some of the symptoms of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) include:

     *     Difficulty focusing
     *     Unusual sluggishness or tiredness
     *     Dizziness and nausea
     *     Severe blurred vision
     *     Insomnia
     *     Irritability
     *     Depression

It is possible for a person exhibiting these signs to continue functioning normally for a prolonged period. Because of such facts, a person suspecting that they may have a TBI should seek medical help right away after an incident occurs.

TBI Challenges
A traumatic brain injury may be dormant for quite some time, and its full extent may not be seen for years. A TBI can require extensive medical treatments that can’t be predicted at trial time, and these injuries range from very mild to severe, which can require 24-hour care for the victim. The hardest part for those recovering from TBI is that they often exhibit few physical signs. These patients are frequently misdiagnosed, and therefore they do not get the proper care needed to handle a TBI.

For these and other reasons, it can be hard for TBI victims to recover an adequate amount of damages and it may be difficult to prove to a jury or judge that the injury is permanent when there are no cognitive or physical injuries. A brain injury attorney in Vermont can help these victims get compensation for their losses, however.

Does a Victim or Family Need an Attorney?
If a person is experiencing the signs of a traumatic brain injury, they should seek medical help immediately and they should visit website to contact an injury attorney as soon as possible. A brain injury attorney in Vermont can help a client determine whether they’re entitled to damages, and they can provide legal representation in the courtroom if necessary.

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