Pest Control Companies in Wellington, Florida Prevent Termites from Returning

Pest Control Companies in Wellington, Florida Prevent Termites from Returning

Termite control standards must be practiced to keep termites from returning. Therefore, you need to work with a pest control company that thoroughly understands how to get rid of termites from your business or residence.

That is why pest control companies in Wellington, Florida set out specific termite control plans. One of these systems is unique in the industry. This one-of-a-kind system uses the termite’s need to forage for food against it. For example, worker termites locate the bait in a station and share it with the colony members and the queen. The system also stops the molting process, which assists in killing the workers and stopping reproduction. The colony cannot survive when pest management services feature this type of control.

Distinguishing Between Termites and Ants

Representatives from pest control companies add that, oftentimes, homeowners cannot tell whether an insect is a termite or ant. While you usually do see termites on the ground, they do appear in swarms during reproduction. You can distinguish termites from ants by their antennae, waists, and wings.

Noted Differences

According to pest inspection services technicians, termites have straight antennae while an ant’s antenna is elbowed. The waist of an ant is pinched and narrow while a termite’s waist is not as defined and is thicker. An ant’s front wings are longer than its back wings and do not break off very easily. However, a termite’s wings are equally sized and will break off.

Set an Appointment

When contacting pest control companies that offer termite control, set up a time for an inspection. This is important even if you only suspect a problem as termites can literally destroy a home. Seeing flying termites, or swarmers, is one major clue that your residence may be under attack.

Use the services of a company that not only knows the habits of termites but can place the type of system in place that will indisputably prevent the insects’ return.

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