Oil and Gas Pipeline Inspection Companies Provide Vital Services

Oil and Gas Pipeline Inspection Companies Provide Vital Services

Pipelines are some of the most expensive and difficult to maintain assets that the O&G industries have today. However, they are also great investments because they can drastically lower the transportation costs of raw materials. This makes such valuable commodities more affordable for everyone. Yet, these pipelines must be properly maintained, and oil and gas pipeline inspection companies make the job easier and efficient.

Location is Important

Some pipelines stretch for many miles, and they may go across open fields. This is not usually much of a problem, but buried pipelines have to pass through all kinds of terrain. For example, they may go underneath highways, farmlands, citrus groves, and densely populated cities. As long as the piping stays in good condition (thanks to trusted oil and gas pipeline inspection companies) everything is fine. But just one leak could be disastrous.

Environmental Concerns

It’s important to maintain pipelines because petroleum and natural gas products can wreak havoc when spilled into the environment. It doesn’t take a large spill to contaminate bodies of water and threaten the lives of thousands of aquatic creatures. In large cities, a pipeline leak can poison the environment and in rural areas may cause farmlands or orchards to be unusable for many years. Oil and gas pipeline inspection companies make sure these things don’t happen.

Inspections and Integrity Programs

A good integrity program can ensure the future health and stability of a pipeline system. It starts with frequent inspections on structural conditions. Special surveys can verify containment to help reduce pipeline failure risks. This can extend the life expectancy of the equipment and save a lot of money in the long run.

Even the tiniest of leaks cannot be overlooked and modern inspection equipment is designed to expose the smallest of losses before they turn into major leaks with environmental impact.

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