Perforated Aluminum Panels: Fabrication and Application

Perforated Aluminum Panels: Fabrication and Application

While stainless steel panels are a common material found in fabrication shops, other metals are also popular. Matching steel, there is aluminum. In the automobile industry, for example, perforation is popular and perforated aluminum panels find their way onto the shop floor.

Perforation and Aluminum Panels

Perforation involves punching holes into metal, in this case, aluminum. Sometimes, the process riddles the aluminum with more than 1000 holes per sq. inch. In order to ensure the results are correct, operators need to consider several critical factors:

* Alignment: This applies to the punch, the stripper and the die plate

* Punch coatings: These will help to minimize the heat input during the perforation process

* Hole Diameter: This is crucial and must be monitored and set up carefully

* Hole Spacing: A critical component for both the design and production stages. Accuracy is absolutely essential

As a versatile metal, aluminum is in many ways ideal for the process of perforation.

Perforated Aluminum Panels: Applications

Aluminum is a metal with great strength. It is lightweight yet capable of bearing heavy loads. It is also pleasant to look at. These characteristics make perforated aluminum panels perfect for applications that require the metal to not only function according to specifications but also look agreeable if not downright impressive.

Common applications for perforated aluminum pieces vary. They are an architect’s favorite for

* Building facades: These can be both functional and creatively unique
* Providing a sun screen
* Allowing natural light into a room while maintain privacy
* Reducing energy expenditures by redirecting heat, therefore lightening the demands made on your HVAC and/or cooling system
* Stairs
* Fences

Other industries turn to aluminum to provide their products with the qualities they need to function properly. Among them are:

* Automotive
* Chemical
* Energy
* Farming
* Food processing
* Mechanical

With so many patterns from which to choose, it is easy to see why perforated aluminum panels are a favorite for so many industrial concerns.

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