Outdoor Party Tents – Features and Benefits


Summer is right around the corner, welcoming barbeque cook outs, fireworks, fresh lemonade and gatherings of friends. Your house has been elected as the hosting house. However, the forecast calls for rain. Building a permanent pavilion can be time consuming, expensive, and can wear under harsh weather conditions. But, what if you want to host an outdoor party in the backyard without concern about being rained out? A perfect compromise is an outdoor party tent. Some examples of different types of outdoor party tents include the following:

* Canopies

* Pop up tents

* Tension peak top tents

* Optidome party tent

* Commercial tents


Outdoor tents can vary widely in style, shape, color, and size. They are tall enough to allow people to stand under them, and some are also adjustable for height. Most tents come in three styles. That is, they come without sides, with sides, or with removable sides. The removable sides are attached using Velcro. The most popular color of outdoor tents is white. Most frames supporting the structures are made from rust resistant metal. Some come with warranties, and are made from fire resistant fabric.

Safety Precautions

Because the tents are relatively large, they can be heavy in weight. Directions should be read fully before assembling and disassembling the tents for safety. Laying the tent and parts out on the lawn can be helpful to ensure all parts are included and for easy assembly. Some tents can be put together by one person, while others need multiple people to erect the tents. If your tent has sides, it is important make sure there is a clear path to exit in case of emergency.

Outdoor Party Tents Versus Pavilions

* Temporary versus permanent

* Quick and easy versus time consuming

* Economically smart versus expensive

* Easy upkeep versus high maintenance

* Can cover larger surface area versus limited space


Most outdoor party tents are weather resistant. That is, they are protected from ultraviolet light, water resistant, shaded from sunlight, and blockaded from strong winds. This allows for guests to enjoy the weather and scenery while staying dry, out of direct sunlight, and wind.

Here are few more advantages of using party Tents.

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