Original Ideas For Cremation Services In Everett Wa


If a loved one will be cremated, a special memorial service can be created that will provide the person of honor with a dignified and unique ceremony. The following tips can help make Cremation Services In Everett Wa unique and respectful for the person who is being remembered.

Personalized Candle Holders

Candle holders can be purchased that have an engraving added to them. An individual’s name, quote or picture can be added to each holder. Small votive candles can be placed inside of each holder. When guests arrive for a memorial service, a candle and holder can be given to them. During a ceremony, candles can be lit in honor of the person who has passed away. Once a service is over, each person can bring their holder and candle home with them and they will be reminded of the person who has died whenever they spot the memorial item inside of their residence. A holder will make an attraction decoration that can be set up on a mantelpiece or shelf.

Tree Of Memories

A potted tree can be placed along one of the walls of the room where a memorial service is being held. Small pieces of paper that have holes punched through them can have memories written on them. Each person who has a special occasion that they would like to share can write on one of the pieces of paper before hanging it from a branch with an ornament hook. Once a tree is covered with memories, guests can leisurely read what has been displayed in order to remember past events or learn new information about the person who is being honored.

Balloon Release

At the end of Cremation Services In Everett Wa, balloons can be filled with helium and given to the attendees. Memories can be written on file cards or card stock and attached to each balloon after a hole is punched through each written statement. Everyone can stand in a circle outdoors and release the balloons at the same time. As the balloons drift away, people will be able to remember the person who has passed as they gaze at the sky.

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