Need to Save On Your Heating Bills this Winter? Here’s How


Winter is knocking at the door and soon, if not already, the snow is going to start piling up as well. With that snow comes freezing temperatures, biting winds, and heating bills that can skyrocket if you aren’t careful. Luckily, there are tips to save on heating in Prescott, AZ so that you have a little bit of money left in the pocket at the end of the month to spend on a night curled up by the fire with a mug of hot cocoa in your hand. Read on below for a few tips to help you save on your heating bills this winter season.

Put on Some Clothes

While it may be tempting to run around in shorts and a tee-shirt with no socks on your feet, this will just result in you turning the thermostat up to get warm. Instead, put on some toasty sweatpants and a long-sleeved shirt, add some slipper socks to your feet and you will be warm as toast in a few minutes.

Have Your Heating Unit Inspected

Heating in Prescott, AZ doesn’t have to automatically come with heating bills that break the bank. If you want the bills to be lower, then have your heating unit inspected at the beginning of fall to make sure it’s in perfect working order. A well-maintained heater will put out the right amount of heat and save you a ton of money over the winter season as well.

Unblock Your Vents

Your heater is going to have to work overtime to heat your home if the vent in the living room is covered by the couch. Unblock all your vents and let the heat through and you’ll be surprised how much your heating bill will drop.

For more information on how to keep your heating bills under control, contact the professionals at Energy Savings Heating and Cooling today.

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