Benefits of Custom LED Light Engines


Many businesses today have special needs when it comes to lighting. For example, they want something highly efficient yet it must also provide adequate light and solve any present lighting issues. Custom designed and created LED light engines may be the solution you seek and here are some reasons why.

What is a Light Engine?

A light engine is an LED lamp or fixture which can be self contained. It may be many different shapes, sizes and designs. For example, you may be looking for the perfect strip or accessory lighting for a new product and a light engine can be the right solution.

Why Custom Designed?

With many products today, designs are unique and so are the needs for lighting. This is why many companies are hiring lighting professionals to create custom LED light engines for them. It can provide the following benefits:


Do you have special lighting in mind, but maybe it needs to be much bigger? Perhaps you need something scaled down to a smaller size. LED lighting can be very tiny or large and when you choose custom designs, size is not an issue.


Custom LED lights are extremely versatile. For example, there is no limit on color or materials. You can use glass, plastic, metal and many other selections. You also can place Led light in a wide range of environments. Unlike fluorescent lighting, which loses its efficiency in colder temperatures, LED does not.


Since LED light engines generate much less heat than incandescent, they make perfect lighting for areas where excessive heat can be a problem. For example, you may need special cooling systems for some control rooms and LED light will not add to the heat.


LED is very durable and not easily damaged. In addition, you’ll enjoy extra long life and many years of service.

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