Medical Billing and Coding is the Tie that Binds Emergency Treatment


Medical billing and medical billing are closely bound in the emergency medical office. These are both extremely important factors in any medical billing sectors, especially that of emergency treatment and care. The emergency services are fast paced and always evolving. Therefore, the selection of a billing specialist or staff must be done with care and attention to detail of the requirements of the position. Medical coding addresses the descriptions of medically termed diseases, procedures and injuries and converts them into systematic codes of a numeric or alphanumeric form. These codes provide an accurate account of the diagnosis of the patient’s condition as well as the procedures that were performed during the claim.

A Need for Clarity

Coding was developed to bridge the gap that is present in the inaccuracies of medicine and to present a clear and concise method of tracking illnesses and services for billing accuracy. There is a great deal of importance stressed on accuracy in medical coding on various levels. It promotes an increased likelihood that payments will be valid as the history of the care that the patient has received. Medical billing also plays an important role in helping to plan for health care areas that aren’t significantly served and helps to properly assist administrative functions and pin-point symptoms that must be addressed by other specialist or physicians.

Medical Coding Begins

Once a patient has been seen and diagnosed by the physician, the medical coding process begins. Each of the conditions are assigned a code and most of them are assigned to particular groups or categories. Some of the most common categories are Current Procedural Terminology (CPT), International Classification of Diseases (ICD), Healthcare Common Procedure Coding (HCPC), International Classification of Functioning (ICF) and Diagnosis Related Groups (DRG). These ae have a special place in the coding language and are understood among those in the medical billing profession. Most emergency care facilities operate extended or continuous hours and have a variety of options for the billing and coding process. Many of these facilities elect to designate an agency or group to oversee this function and are specifically designated to this process. Medical coding and billing is a very perplex process that requires skill and accuracy with special attention given to detail. This department must be efficiently ran in order to generate positive billing and coding outcomes.

Emergency Medicine Billing and Coding needs extra attention in an emergency care setting.  understands the intense nature of billing and coding.

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