Medicaid Fraud Lawyers Orange County NY Outline Medicaid Red Flags


Due to the influx of Americans covered by Medicaid, a frustrating side effect has surfaced. Unfortunately, Medicaid fraud is a very real thing that many have faced in the past. Special teams of Medicaid Fraud Lawyers Orange County NY have tried tackling these issues at the source, and they have found some fascinating results. Contact Mark Aberasturi after a suspicious behavior is discovered based around Medicaid. There may already be a pending case, and it is just another victim to a long line of them that continue to surface.

There is not much difference from a Medicaid error and outright fraud, so there needs to be a strong sense of awareness and scrutiny. Below are some things that schemers will do take money out of the account and commit to their fraudulent behavior.

Bills for Non-Visits

The perpetrator will typically charge the account for visits that they never participated in. They may stagger these out throughout many accounts to keep them hidden. Medicaid Fraud Lawyers Orange County NY specifically look at the schedules and the cost reports to see if they match.

More Hours in the Day

The perpetrators may not be sitting at a computer directly inputting numbers. They may be using a program that is designed to remain as hidden as possible. The computer system may make mistakes that are obvious. One silly mistake the system may make is billing for more hours than are in a day. If a bill comes back for 28 hour visit, it is a computing error- or a hacking oversight.

Personal Item Costs

Some hackers are becoming quite smart to how the system works, and they have found a clever way to hide their actions. A Medicaid cost report may have a note for personal items. These are often legitimate. It could be an added cost for providing a certain treatment. But, perpetrators are adding their own false and faked personal items that are not becoming immediately flagged.

Any of the above examples could be a sincere mistake. Medicaid should be able to account for it quickly. A single mistake, quickly recovered from, could be a temporary bump. If two mistakes happen, it is an instant red flag.

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