Don’t Make These Mistakes When Choosing Dallas Local Movers

Don’t Make These Mistakes When Choosing Dallas Local Movers

There are a lot of blogs and articles online that provide great information on how to choose Dallas local movers that are highly professional and will do a great job of any move, big or small.

However, it is equally important to know the most common mistakes that people moving for the first time often make simply because they don’t realize the potential problems with the choices. While most movers are highly reputable and local movers want to do a job that keeps customers using them for all their moves, there are a few companies just in it for quick cash, and those are the ones that don’t provide the services you need.

Choosing an Hourly Mover

Unless you are moving one or two items or a very small apartment with nothing but boxes, choosing local movers that charge by the hour is typically going to cost more than paying by weight.

This is because the movers simply slow down, take breaks or make unnecessary trips back and forth to draw out the time it takes to move. By paying by weight with a binding estimate, you will know just how much you need to pay or what your total bill will not exceed.

Getting a Phone or Online Estimate for a House Move

With small apartments, it is fairly easy to estimate the weight, particularly if the individual or family has no big or unusual items to move. However, this is not the case for most moves.

When Dallas local movers choose to provide you with online or by phone estimates they are always non-binding, which means the company can’t be held to that amount. Reputable companies don’t use these methods; rather they have a representative come to your home and complete an in-person survey for an accurate binding estimate.

Failing to Check the Company

Websites can be misleading, and it is easy for less than reputable local movers to have many different names and websites to keep ahead of negative reviews and complaints.

Always check the history of the company including how long they have been in business, what their BBB rating is and if they have an actual physical address and office. If any of these things is not available, keep looking for more established and reputable local movers.

Working with a Mover Demanding Cash

There are no reputable and professional Dallas local movers that demand all customers pay for their move with cash. This is a sure sign of a company that is expecting complaints and chargebacks, so they are forcing customers to pay cash so they get their money.

By comparing what different local movers are offering and the company policies they use, even those moving for the first time can avoid these common and often costly mistakes.

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