Masonry: Building In Brick And Stone

Masonry: Building In Brick And Stone

Masonry is all around us. It has been a part of almost every building project since, at least, the ancient Egyptians and the Chinese. If you look at the Pyramids, the Greek Temples, the Coliseum, the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China, Buckingham Palace and American skyscrapers, you see masonry work. If you glance out the door of your home or walk down a street, you’ll see examples of masonry in the many walls, façades and parapets that remain there, sometimes from centuries ago. Churches, warehouses, factories, schools, hospitals, homes and office towers of brick or stone remain standing – defying time.

Types of Masonry

Masonry consists of different elements. Some are natural; others are human wrought. While some materials come and go, certain types of masonry remain. The most common of these are brick and stone.

* Brick: The popularity of this material as an exterior façade has never flagged. Masons unite brick with mortar to create a beautiful and substantial structure. The best masonry construction crew produces a well-built and durable building.

Bricks come in different styles, colors and sizes. The most common type of brick material is clay. The look and grace of this material produces a façade that retains its color for many years.

* Stone: Stone is available in two basic types:
* Natural
* Human constructed

Natural stone is quarried, while manufactured stone is created through various techniques. Both provide a strong, hard surface for construction. Both are durable. However, natural stone has a more variable texture while manufactured stone is more consistent in terms of color, size, shape and texture. They both, however, are excellent examples of the quality of masonry products.

Whether your masonry consist of stone or brick, it is important to realize the need for correct maintenance. While power-washing may provide some elements of masonry restoration, it is important to recognize problems when they occur. Tuck-pointing or pointing is a case in, well, point. This requires the assistance of experts to ensure the work is done properly.

Masonry Work

When you take a walk or a drive, you’ll most certainly see various examples of grand and simple masonry on display for all to see. Many will consist of brick or stone held together with mortar. Repair work for such structures is never as simple as many people think. In order to extend the life of these constructions and to make certain owners and visitors alike enjoy them for another century, it is important to recognize potential problems and only allow masonry experts to do the restoration work.

At Soumar Masonry Restoration, our masonry staff is experienced, qualified, skilled and exceptionally good at what they do. From tuck-pointing and terra cotta repairs to historic property restoration, we can handle it all with grace and expertise. To discover more about our company and its services, contact our professional masons and masonry contractors online at Soumar.com. You can also like them on Facebook.

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