How to Safely Use Sweep Augers in Oregon


A major part of grain handling is moving grain out of grail storage facilities. To make this process easier, operators will regularly use Augers in Oregon. Because these devices move slowly around a grain bin floor and use a rotating screw blade, it’s imperative to use safety precautions. Doing this will help prevent serious personal injury and death. Implement the following guidelines to enhance personal safety.

Due to the numerous moving parts an auger has, handling one wrong can cause an amputation, serious puncture, or fatal injury. An auger typically has guards on the back and sides of it. However, the front does not have such a guard because the flighting must have direct contact with grain. Because it can’t be guarded on all sides, OSHA has strict regulations to protect operators in a grain bin.

One of the primary sweep auger safety principles involves the completion of a grain entry permit. It’s against OSHA regulations for an employee to enter a grain bin unless an inspection of the facility has been done. This inspection is to check for engulfment and atmospheric hazards. An inspection must be done by a person with the right credentials.

Another major principle in grain handling is to deactivate and lock-out all grain entry points before going a grain bin. This should be done for Augers in Oregon as well. Ensure that all manufacturer guards are in place on a subfloor auger before handling or operating it in any way. The placement of these guards should not be altered. Always use the manufacturer’s specifications unless given permission by the manufacturer.

It’s important to have a person outside the grain bin who is trained in rescue procedures whenever an operator is in the grain bin. This person should have the proper equipment at all times in case an emergency occurs. Any rescue personnel should monitor the activities of all operators in the bin at all times. By using these tips, screw conveyor utilization can be done in a safe and efficient manner. It will also enable grain handling to proceed according to federal regulations. For more information on grain handling equipment, please talk to an expert at Leon James Construction Inc. This company can handle numerous processing equipment for feed and seed such as Augers, drags, mixers, and air systems.

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