Many Dentists in Honolulu Offer Nitrous Oxide During Appointments for Anti-Anxiety Effects


Dentists in Honolulu typically offer a type of sedation and anesthetic that people call laughing gas. This substance, medically known as nitrous oxide, is delivered through a mask over the nose. The patient has full control over it at all times because the mask is easily removed, and the effects wear off almost instantly. People, in general, tend to like this form of sedation, as it makes them feel unconcerned about the dental procedure, and the effects don’t linger afterward. Patients can drive home or back to work immediately after the appointment.

Various grades of this substance are available; dentists use medical-grade nitrous oxide. They order it in cylinders containing compressed liquid, similar to the way liquid propane is compressed to use for gas in barbecue grills and other applications.

The only substances contained in nitrous oxide are nitrogen and oxygen. It’s easy to confuse nitrous oxide with nitric oxide, but these two substances are not the same. Nitric oxide also only contains nitrogen and oxygen, but the chemical formula is slightly different. This particular gas occurs naturally in the body and has numerous benefits for health. Nitric oxide supplements are intended to boost the body’s natural production of this gas to improve circulation, muscle strength and the building of lean muscle. Nitrous oxide, in contrast, is not produced in the body and is not associated with any of these effects.

Then why has a producer of energy drinks began including nitrous oxide in the ingredients? Experts say the gas is only there for carbonation. It may create a different bubbling texture than other types of carbonation that consumers find pleasant. Without inhaling the gas, people don’t feel any anti-anxiety effects. Click here for more details.

When Dentists in Honolulu provide nitrous oxide, it’s to minimize any sensations of discomfort, both physically and psychologically. Someone who feels anxious about going to the dentist may ask a practitioner such as Dr. Garrett T. Hayashi DDS if the gas is available. Otherwise, sedation dentistry may consist of taking a tranquilizer in pill or liquid form before the procedure begins. The problem with this method is that the sedating effects will last longer than the appointment and may keep the person feeling somewhat drowsy for the next several hours.

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