How Windshields Are Repaired

How Windshields Are Repaired

No matter how safely you drive there are a few things that you really have no control over, one of which is sustaining damage to the windshield of your car. A chip in a windshield can happen whether you are driving on the expressway or on city streets, all it takes is for a pebble or other small object to be thrown up by the car in front of you or something falls off a passing vehicle. Although the chip may be small, it is something that needs prompt attention.

Prompt action is necessary:

The chip may seem inconsequential but it is necessary to attend to repairs as soon as possible. If dirt and other debris should work itself into the chip or crack it might make repair impossible. If it begins to rain the windshield wipers can force the dirt into the fissure and when the repair is finally made to the chipped auto glass in Chicago the result will not be as good as it could have been. When you do have repairable damage to your auto glass in Chicago you can expect a smooth, clean result if the repair is done timely.

It is not only a visual thing, if the repair is not done quickly a little chip or crack can soon develop into a large crack, one which is no longer repairable. If the crack should get to the edge of the windshield chances are it will have to be replaced, repair will no longer be a valid option.

How are repairs made?

The process of repairing auto glass in Chicago is quite simple and takes very little time.

* The technician will assess the damage to confirm that repair is possible. The technician will look at the size of the chip, the location and the amount of dirt or debris in the area.
* The area will be cleaned to ensure that no moisture or debris will be sealed into the repair.
* The repair is made using resin which hardens when it is exposed to UV light. The resin dries hard and clear, any excess is removed so the chip is virtually impossible to detect.

This process should take no more than half an hour at most and can be done either in the shop or at the owners home or office, when the job is done the windshield looks and performs as good as it did before it was damaged.

Auto glass in Chicago can easily be chipped. If you should suffer damage to the windshield on your car there is a good chance it can be repaired rather than replaced. Call Frank’s Auto Glass to schedule mobile repair.

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