Making Funeral Arrangements And Selecting Caskets In Cincinnati

by | Jul 8, 2014 | Business & Investment

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It is traumatic when a loved one dies. However, the family has to put aside their grief and make funeral arrangements. Family has to put emotions aside and make sure their loved one receives a proper burial. One thing that helps is having an experienced funeral home. It’s easier when people are grieving to make things as simple as possible. The funeral director takes most of the stress, off the family, by guiding them through the arrangements.

Indeed, the first thing that should be done is decide on the type of ceremony. Next, determine where the service will be. People can choose a service at the funeral home, the local church or a graveside service. Further, the deceased may have expressed a desire to be cremated. Rely on the funeral home staff to help with arrangements and making these decisions. Money is always a factor in planning a funeral because they are costly. Caskets in Cincinnati can cost upwards of $2,000. Hopefully, there is burial insurance available because the average funeral costs $10,000. B.J. Meyer Sons Funeral Homes works with families on payment options to ease the financial burden. Meyer Sons is a fourth generation business and all their urns and caskets in Cincinnati are American-made. The Funeral home staff does a lot including:

1. preparing the remains
2. helping the family decide which funeral arrangements to choose
3. writing and placing obituary notices, as well as other printed materials
4. arrange for pallbearers and a member of the clergy to oversee the service (if necessary)
5. work with the cemetery to schedule the opening and closing of the grave
6. receive guests and floral arrangements
7. obtain death certificates

If desired, the funeral home makes arrangements for military services. The funeral director needs to see the deceased’s DD form 412, which indicates what type of service he or she is entitled to. The director handles all the arrangements so the family can grieve in private. Most military funerals include an honor guard, including one member from the same branch of service as the deceased. In addition, Taps is played and the next-of-kin receives a folded American flag. Hiring experienced professionals makes the bereavement process much easier. Click here for more information.


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