Custom Fabricated Units to Fit Any Need


A storage unit is a durable steel container typically available in a range of sizes. They can be on a flatbed trailer or be built into a trailer. They are commonly used for moving or storing items both long-term and short-term, but are at times used as mobile offices for construction sites and the like.

Suppliers of storage units commonly stock a variety of prefabricated storage units for rent or purchase. They consist of your typical storage container ranging in size from ten feet to forty feet, and their counterparts which are units built directly into a trailer. After that you’ve got climate controlled units and shanties. Shanties are smaller plywood constructed units that are usually temporary though some may choose to store less precious cargo in them on a permanent basis. Their sizes are more versatile being anywhere from 8’x4′ to 12’x32′.

At times your typical everyday prefabricated storage unit isn’t going to fit your needs though. This is why it’s important to choose a company capable of assembling Custom Fabricated Units. One such company is Mobile On Demand Storage of NY Inc.

Some may wonder just how much customization is possible. Well, there are many options available for your Custom Fabricated Units such as partition walls, lock boxes, size conversions, special paints, extra ventilation, varieties of door modifications (both interior and exterior), and even windows. Essentially, you could have a mobile office if you so desired.

Storage for Your Move

Storage units are an ideal choice when it comes to moving residences. You can store anything from a lamp to a vehicle within a storage unit. One of the many benefits of deciding to utilize a mobile storage container is the duration for which you can rent one. Not always is a home ready for every item to be dumped into it. Moving into a new place requires a lot of planning. Homes don’t just decorate themselves after all. By renting one of these units your items can wait in the protected sturdy interior of the unit until your home is ready to receive them.

With all of these options available, finding the right storage unit to fit your particular needs should not prove difficult.

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