Local Crane Hire Services – Choosing the Right Type of Crane for Your Project

by | Nov 28, 2014 | business services

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If you step foot on a building site you will notice that there will normally be one or more cranes there, such as overhead cranes, rough terrain cranes and loader cranes. Specially designed to lift heavy loads, cranes can be used for on and off-road jobs. These earth-moving machines have advanced over the years and there are now numerous styles to choose from. The style you select will depend on the type of job you need completed. Each is tailored to a specific use, proving the importance of selecting the right kind of local crane hire services for your workshop or construction job.


Mobile Crane


This is perhaps the most basic type of crane available from local crane hire services. Equipped with pulleys and cables, it can be used to lower and lift material from one area to another. Mobile cranes are designed with a mobile platform, which the crane is securely mounted on. Crafted with either a telescopic boom or steel truss, a mobile crane will be lifted up and down by hydraulic cylinders. Sometimes, cables will be used to lower the crane, but this will depend on the quality of equipment from the company you work with.


Telescopic Crane


More complex in design than a mobile crane, a telescopic crane may otherwise be referred to as a balance crane. It is secured to the ground and is a preferred choice for building construction, particularly tall buildings. Why, you ask? Well, a telescopic crane from local crane hire services boasts a brilliant lift and height capacity, therefore no job is too big or small for equipment of this kind. An alternative to a telescopic crane is a loader crane, which has fold-away sections.


Truck Mounted Crane


Should you be working on a large building site and need to transport materials to various locations throughout the day, opt for a truck mounted crane. These cranes are secured to vehicles with wheels, which means they can travel from one area to another with ease. Aside from the great mobility offered, this equipment is perfect for levelling and stabilising, due to the fact that the horizontal and vertical-extending outriggers can be used when the crane is elevated. You should think about a rough terrain crane for those off-road operations, as these cranes are equally as reliable. People living in the Wodonga and Albury areas can get local crane hire services from Tooley’s Crane Hire. To find out more about the company’s range of services, call 0418 578 070.

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