Social Media’s Role in Search Engine Marketing

by | Nov 28, 2014 | Business & Investment

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Social media has been called the ‘wave of the future’ in marketing and it has become firmly intertwined with search engine marketing.  Search engine marketing services in Chicago can help your company take advantage of this relationship.

Social media sites serve a variety of functions, everything from sharing vacation photos and video, looking for a job, weighing in on the new restaurant downtown, and more.  Some of the most popular social media sites are:

•    Facebook – a social utility that allows the user to connect with friends, co-workers and others in their community.  Currently, this site has well over a billion users.
•    Twitter – a micro blogging social media platform.  Users send out ‘tweets’, information posts of 140 characters or less.  These posts often include links to other web pages.
•    LinkedIn – a social network focused on professional relationships.  Over 300 million professionals use the site for making business connections, seeking a job, reviewing profiles of managers, and more.
•    YouTube – a social media platform for video sharing.  Users upload, view and share a variety of music and educational videos, video blogs, original video and television clips.

Social Media Marketing Techniques

Social Media presents a golden opportunity to companies who wish to position themselves at the top of the competition. Search engine marketing services in Chicago have developed a number of techniques to integrate social media into your search engine marketing campaign.

•    Social Media Site Strategies – Strategies geared toward specific social media sites can include advertising services offered through the site and   link development.
•    Blogs – Search engine optimized blogs provide fresh content to users and drive traffic back to the website.  A successful blog provides new content on a daily basis.
•    Press Releases – An effective press release grabs the interest of a carefully targeted audience.
•    Article Creation – In 400 – 500 words, carefully researched keywords and keyword phrases are woven into fresh, informative content.
•    Video Optimization – Increasingly, videos are showing up in search engine results.  Optimization includes targeted keyword use in the tags, titles and links, feedback (in the form of user ratings) analysis, and video syndication.
•    Social Bookmarking – These online services, sites like Digg, Delicious, and Stumble It, allow users to save a link to content on a particular site.  The user can organize, comment on, and share these bookmarks with other users.  Social bookmarking has to appear social and not sales focused.  In other words, bookmarking should contain not just company created content but also related and completely unrelated content from other sites.

As you can see, social media plays a big role in marketing of all kinds, so make sure to work with a company you can trust with your SEO and marketing plans.

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