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Vaping, or the process of enjoying an e-cigarette, is growing in popularity. It is considered a safer and more socially acceptable way of enjoying the pastime of smoking. In addition, this hobby offers the opportunity to enjoy more flavors, variety, and fun than a typical pack of cigarettes. If you are looking for supplies, like E-Juice in Seattle WA, but are still learning about the products, here are a few answers for you before you make your purchases.

What are E-Juices?

An e-juice is a flavored liquid used in an electronic cigarette. The atomizers create heat to turn the liquid into a smoke to mimic the look and feel of a traditional cigarette. However, these liquids are typically flavored to make them even more enjoyable. The flavors can be any variety of things from fruits to other sweet and even savory flavors.

Are they safe?

Many studies have shown these liquids are safer than a traditional cigarette because they are not filled with all of the carcinogens tobacco cigarettes are known to contain. They are also safer and less offensive to others as they do not release smoke, just vapor. Most still contain nicotine, which is the product that makes them addictive, just like cigarettes. This is why they are only sold to consumers over the age of 18 and are typically marketed to people who are already smokers.

What else is needed?

If you are new to e-cigarettes, you may be confused because of all of the options available. To start out, you will need to purchase a battery, cartomizer, and some e-liquid or juice. Starter kits make this simple and come with the basics. Once you are comfortable with those, you can expand as much as you would like. Many people will often purchase a second battery, so they have one always ready as well as adapters to make it possible to charge when they are on the road.

The Vaporium is available to help those who are new to this type of smoking. They have a large inventory of products, from batteries to chargers and a huge array of E-juice in Seattle WA. Contact them to learn more or to restock your own supplies.

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