Facts of a Root Canal in Oahu

by | Oct 14, 2014 | Dentist

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Endodontics is the science that studies the tooth cavity and root canals. Therefore, an Endodontist studies its anatomy, pathology, methods and ways of treatment. In simpler terms, a prolonged toothache is death of the pulp (the soft tissue, consisting of a nerve, blood vessels, arteries, etc.). In other words endodontic treatment is a non-surgical intervention, which aims to preserve the tooth. A Root Canal Oahu should be performed as a last resort.


The most obvious and common symptom is pain in the tooth, which is accompanied by sensitivity to changes in temperature, pain when chewing and reaction to touch. There is also a change in the color of tooth enamel, swelling, inflammation of the lymph nodes and gingival tissues. In the case of these symptoms be sure to contact your dentist, who will assess the severity and will provide the necessary assistance. Endodontic treatment goals consist of eliminating the infection in root canals; removing the decay in the pulp or the pulp itself and restoring the infected dentin. To know more, click here.

Care after endodontic treatment

1. Avoid chewing on the affected tooth until complete recovery.
2. Oral hygiene. Brushing teeth, rinsing, flossing is fine but be aware that you may notice some pain in the area for several days. Your dentist may suggest additional rinses as well. In fact, they might suggest light anesthetics to use in this case. If the pain lasts for a long time, be sure to visit the dentist again.


Along with adult endodontics, actual therapeutic treatment with children’s milk teeth and baby teeth are important for chewing and speech. The question of their removal (if they do not fall out on their own) depends on the extent of the damage. Saving baby teeth is important because baby teeth could cause permanent teeth to move in the wrong direction if they fall out too early. The removal of permanent teeth in adults, without its subsequent replacement, can have irreversible consequences for a person’s health – misalignment of teeth, which leads to overcrowding and other defects.

Getting a Root Canal Oahu may sound like a terrifying thing, but it isn’t. With today’s technology, a person can go into the dentist’s office and be out in an hour without experiencing any pain. Saving the tooth is very important, so practice great hygiene. For more information contact Dr. Garrett T. Hayashi DDS today.

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