Keep Your Home Comfortable With Quality Heating And Air in Oklahoma City

by | Jul 15, 2014 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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When the heat of summer comes around you have very few choices for cooling your home. You could try and treat the air with portable units, but these air conditioners are often loud and rarely perform the job as required. Plus, improperly installed air conditioners can damage the walls of the home costing you more money in repairs. Another option for Heating And Air in Oklahoma City is central air conditioning which provides room based cooling from a single system. Central air or HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems have been around for decades and can be an excellent option, especially if the house has been previously equipped with an HVAC or has central heating installed.

One of the most important points in owning and operating central Heating And Air in Oklahoma City is routine maintenance. Keeping the HVAC properly cleaned and tested is critical for both the function of the unit and improving its operating lifetime. Maintenance should be scheduled at least once a year although some service companies recommend cleaning the heating system before winter sets in and servicing the air conditioner before summer arrives.

Cleaning is basically checking the coils for any clogs and removing any residue that builds up on them. It is also important to ensure the blower and outside fan are clean and debris free. Other service on the air conditioner will include checking the refrigerant and ensuring it is properly charged. Running an air conditioner with a low refrigerant will put a strain on the condensing system and force the A/C to work harder. This can result in wasted energy and higher utility bills.

Even the best maintenance schedules can’t keep your HVAC operating forever and eventually you will have to replace the system. When that day arrives be sure you know exactly where to get the best equipment and technicians for the job. Most people prefer to keep using the same contractor which is why its important to find a company you like. Shopping around may help, but until you get to know the employees you may never feel comfortable. This is one reason why you should Choose Excel Mechanical Plumbing Heating and Air for your next maintenance call. It is the best way to get acquainted with their technicians.

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