Is Mohair Upholstery a Good Choice?

Is Mohair Upholstery a Good Choice?

Mohair is a premium fabric that resembles silk. It is made exclusively from the hair of the Angora goat. Mohair is extremely resilient and durable, making it a fine choice for use in household furniture. However, this fabric catches the eye instantly for its beautiful sheen and luster. It is one of the main reasons why mohair is known as the ‘diamond fiber’. Because of its resilience, it is extremely compatible with different dyes.

Mohair also has top notch insulating properties, which makes it warm in the winters and cool in the summers. This fabric is naturally resistant to flames and creases, is extremely durable and elastic. Most importantly, it does not felt. Needless to say, mohair is considered to be a luxury fiber, in line with angora, silk or cashmere. Compared to most wool that comes from sheep, mohair is significantly more expensive. That is one of the main reasons why mohair upholstery comes at a marked price.  However, is mohair upholstery a good choice for your furniture? In short, yes. Here are a few reasons why:

Mohair Is Very Resilient

You don’t want upholstery that tears up easily. Mohair is an extremely durable and resilient material that can stand the test of time with ease. That is why mohair upholstery is an excellent choice for couches, chairs and sofas. They can last for years with proper care and maintenance. Moreover, because the material is so elastic, mohair upholstery doesn’t tear up if stretched slightly. Unless you specifically start poking the upholstery with sharp objects, it will remain firm.

Mohair Is Incredibly Receptive to Dyes

Mohair accepts dyes exceptionally well. If you are looking to get your furniture upholstered in different colors, using mohair is an excellent idea. You won’t have to worry about the dye coming off in a year or so either. Hence, they are easily recognizable due to the sharp, saturated colors.

It Gives a Luxurious Aura

Mohair upholstery is expensive, but it looks extremely beautiful. Lighter, brighter colors reflect light gorgeously and add a sense of luxury to the upholstered furniture. Even darker shades take dye very well, and adapt beautifully.

It is Easy to Clean

You don’t need special cleaning equipment to clean mohair as long as there aren’t stains on the upholstery. Simply take a duster and wipe the upholstery properly.


Mohair is extremely comfortable to touch and feel. It becomes warm in the winters and cool in the summers. Hence, your upholstered sofa will become the perfect place to sit on! It feels very soft to touch as well. There are many other reasons for which you might select mohair upholstery, such as the fact that mohair is resistant to flames and very durable.

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