Is It Necessary For A Dallas Company To Use Cloud Backup And Disaster Recovery Systems?

Is It Necessary For A Dallas Company To Use Cloud Backup And Disaster Recovery Systems?

Data drives business in any industry today. This is not just true for online businesses such as ecommerce sites; it is also true for retail outlets, professional offices, manufacturing and production companies and everything in between.

With so much of any business in Dallas now integrated with technology, there is a real risk of a significant problem if that data is somehow lost or corrupted so it could not be retrieved.

Many small and large businesses have their own servers use VPS or dedicated servers through a hosting company. The problem is these physical servers are still at risk for damage through things such as fire, flooding or component failure.

One way to avoid this is to move from server-based physical storage of data to cloud backup and disaster recovery. There are several important reasons to make this move, regardless of the size of your company.

Lost Data Across Storage

Many companies do have some type of disaster recovery system in place that is backed up on a regular basis. However, this is usually stored across a variety of different software solutions or options, which may be difficult to retrieve data from when needed.

By using cloud backup and disaster recovery, everything is backed up at the same time and maintained in the same location. Should there ever be a need for recovery, it is a simple process to download from the cloud. Not only does this help to prevent downtime but it is also much more efficient for automating backups that are completed on a schedule that reflects your business needs.

Scalability and Safety

Data storage is always a problem for Dallas companies. Through the choice of cloud backup and disaster recovery, scalability is never a problem no matter how rapidly your business and data demands grow.

Additionally, if there is a virtual replica of your data and software, testing new applications and software is also very safe. It is possible to replicate the backup system as often as needed, allowing for safe testing without any risk to the current or backup system.

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