Buyers Guide to Custom Terrazzo Countertops


When choosing a material for your kitchen countertop, there are many different options available. Different people will have different priorities where this is concerned. One person may care most about cost, while another may care about the aesthetic, and still another may care most about durability. If terrazzo countertops are on your list of possibilities, this buyer’s guide is for you!

Terrazzo Materials

The primary component that terrazzo is composed of is concrete, but sometimes other materials are used. Resin is the most common. This refers to plastic that can provide the same look as concrete terrazzo. It has less maintenance involved than traditional terrazzo but may be more expensive. There is also some conversation about the traditional type being eco-friendlier. If the price is your major priority, concrete is probably the best bet.

Secondary Materials

In addition to the resin or concrete, other materials are used to make up the appearance of the terrazzo. There are many different options here to create texture and design. Some of the options include marble, pebbles, glass chips, porcelain, sea shells, and sand. As for colors, they can range from red to blue to beige to gray.

Advantages of Terrazzo

One of the biggest advantages you will find with terrazzo is that it has a unique appearance that many find quite beautiful. It has multiple colors through the materials used, which means it can look great in many types of settings. Terrazzo has been used for centuries but has been seen in all sorts of cultures and styles, which shows how versatile it can be.

Cost Factors

The cost of your terrazzo countertops will vary depending on your desires. The biggest signifier of the cost is going to be how large the countertops are. In many cases, these are made from slabs that are 16 linear feet. Shipping can also be a concern with pricing and having a nearly manufacturing company can make a big difference. You also need to consider the thickness of the slab. Adding edging can add additional costs, as can the installation, depending on the company you use.

Choosing Terrazzo

At Trend Terrazzo, you will find many different types and styles of terrazzo for your countertops, floors, and more. We offer recycled materials in our countertops, so they are eco-friendly, as well as being durable. You can find out more about our terrazzo options by calling us at 863-655-0164.

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