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As a pet parent, you want to ensure you choose the best pet resort in Ft. Lauderdale for your dog.  But how do you know if the resort of your choice is the right one?  Making that decision can be a tough one for pet parents and cause much stress and anxiety.  Being the leading pet resort in Ft. Lauderdale, we can help you make this decision much easier!

Furry Paws FTL makes it a point to ensure our facility is a home away from home for each and every dog that walks through our doors.  We want him to have the time of his life every single day.  Whether he’s playing with his buddies or enjoying a nap, we strive to see our visitors happy in each and every way.  Dogs are our first priority.  Our second priority is you, the owner.  We know you deserve peace of mind while you’re away from your pet.  You want to know, without a shadow of a doubt, that he is having fun, he is cared for, he is safe, and he is loved.

How do you achieve that peace of mind?  Take a look to see for yourself – come take a tour of our facility or schedule a trial day at a discounted rate to test out the waters, both for you and your dog.  We offer:

1. An in-ground bone shaped pool
2. Shock-absorbing K9 flooring for joint and bone support
3. An endless supply of toys, agility equipment and fire hydrants
4. Professionally trained staff on site to monitor your pet’s health and happiness at all times
5. 100% clean and sanitary environments, both indoor and out
6. Webcams for your viewing to check in on your pet at any time
7. Doors and locks for safety and security, even for those escape artists!
8. And much, much more!


We have everything you’re looking for, whether you are living in or visiting Ft. Lauderdale.  Pet resorts should be held to the highest of standards for our pets.  Here at Furry Paws, we are setting that standard higher and higher to ensure every dog is loved, has the best care, and has the freedom to play, socialize and be a dog with every minute he is with us.  When you’re searching for other pet resorts in Ft. Lauderdale, be sure to ask yourself, “Will this facility love my dog like I do?”  The answer is always YES at Furry Paws FTL!

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