Industrial Cylinders to Meet Every Need

Industrial Cylinders to Meet Every Need

Hydraulic cylinders meet a wide variety of needs in industrial companies, from simple lifting to complex automated processes. There are many different types of hydraulic cylinders available, including custom cylinders to meet very specific needs. Here are some of the primary types of hydraulic cylinders you’ll find.

  • Single Acting Cylinders – Single Acting cylinders have a single hydraulic fluid connection, so the cylinder is designed to move in one direction only. These are made in spring extended or spring return form. These simple cylinders can be used in many different machines and perform many different functions. You’ll find single acting cylinders to be low maintenance and high performance for applications in many industries.
  • Telescopic Cylinders – Telescopic cylinders are made up of several cylinders built inside each other, to create an ability to provide a very long stroke. These cylinders are frequently used in a wide range of heavy equipment machines in the construction industry, in addition to other applications. These cylinders are often required in tight spaces, so custom designs can be important.
  • Custom Cylinders – Hydraulic cylinders can be used for many different applications, and each can have special requirements. Some applications require cylinders that are extremely rugged, due to the wear and tear these will receive. Other cylinders must fit into tight spaces, while others must be able to complete complex movements. Some must be designed for high cycle applications and others must be particularly attuned to the industry’s safety requirements. All of these particulars mean that custom cylinders are often required. A good cylinder designer and manufacturer will work with the customer to ensure a design that meets the exact needs of the equipment application.

So Many Applications Yet to Be Discovered

Hydraulic cylinders can be as unique as the applications that use these and the companies that design them. Choosing the right cylinder ensures that the machine will be able to complete its tasks repeatedly without undue wear and tear, and without excess maintenance or down time.

Hydraulics is a fascinating industry that offers a multitude of possibilities for moving things in a host of different applications. New machines are created every day that take advantage of the benefits of hydraulic cylinders.

Industry experts have the knowledge to work with you to make many aspects of your business easier. What industrial applications can you come up with to use these specialized cylinders to improve your company’s efficiency?

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