A Few Plumbing Hints And Tips

A Few Plumbing Hints And Tips

If you own a home, you owe it to yourself to know a little bit about its inner workings. It is not important for you to be an electrician or a plumber in Wheeling IL but you really do need to know the basics. By knowing the basics, you might be able to undertake a few simple jobs yourself and even more important, you will know when the job is beyond your capabilities and you have to call for a professional.

A few things you should know and do:

* Locate and test all the valves: Every plumbing fixture in the houses includes every sink, the toilet, the ice-maker, washing machine and so on. Make it your business to know where these various valves are located and about once a year, test them; close and re-open them a few times. This simple task can help keep the valve free from seizing up. It is important to know the valve locations in the event there is a problem, you will be able to isolate the fixture quickly saving yourself from what could be an expensive problem

* Know the main valve location: You also need to know where the main valve is located. Although you may not need to access this valve in the event you must, it will be for a very good reason. Make sure the valve is accessible all the time.

* Extended absence: If you are planning on being away for any length of time this is when you will need the main valve. It is a good idea to shut the water supply off as well as turning the power to the hot water heater to the off position.

* Leaking faucets: This is a job that is often left for a skilled plumber in Wheeling IL; one thing to remember, don’t let this problem go long without having it fixed. The amount of water that is lost from a simple leaking faucet can be significant, if it is the hot water faucet it can also increase your electric bill because you are heating water that ends up down the drain.

* Strainers: Fit the bath tubs, all the sinks and showers with drain cover screens. This little device will stop hair and soap scum from entering the drain; is the buildup of this material that leads to clogged drains.

With a little thought and vigilance, you will save yourself time and money. If there is a major problem of course, you must rely on a skilled plumber in Wheeling IL.

Knowing the basics of your plumbing system will help you decide if you need to call a plumber in Wheeling IL. When you know you need the help of a skilled plumber call RELIANCE Plumbing, Sewer & Drainage, Inc.

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