Important Tips When Using FX Makeup

Important Tips When Using FX Makeup

Using special effects makeup for Halloween, theatrical performances, special events or any other type of costume or character activity is a great way to add a creative touch. However, there are some important considerations when selecting and using FX makeup that can help you to avoid common problems and issues.

By following these simple tips, you can enjoy your makeup and get just the look you want. Avoiding common mistakes can also help you to avoid skin irritation and breakouts that can be an issue with any skin type.

Don’t Use Cheap Products

Cheap FX makeup that is sold in department stores and many of the discount stores is the most likely to result in skin allergies, breakouts and irritation. Professional quality makeup that is used by makeup artists working with celebrities, stars and professional productions is not going to be irritating or harsh on the skin, but that doesn’t mean it is ideal for everyone.

It is a good idea to test a very small area of skin with the makeup you are going to use. If you notice a red rash, itching or irritation do not use on your skin without consulting a makeup artist to determine if there is a way to protect your skin.

Latex Allergy

Some special effects require the use of latex in liquid form to create specific features and look. Spirit gum and wax may also be used, but latex is the most likely cause of an allergic reaction for people with skin sensitivities.

If you know you have a latex allergy, carefully read the products used in the kit before you make a purchase. You may be able to use other products to create the same look.

Remove Makeup Completely

When the event is finished, take the time to fully remove all the FX makeup from your skin. This may include using spirit gum remover on some of the special effects accessories.

It will be important for your skin to remove all traces of makeup and wash your skin, patting dry and then following up with your routine moisturizer. This is no different from wearing your daily makeup and this will be critical if you are wearing the makeup night after night for performances.

When applying your own special effects makeup, use the best quality products and use only as much as needed. Follow with a setting powder to keep your makeup in place and prevent smearing and then just enjoy being in character and creating just the look you want to achieve.

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