Important Facts About Booze Transportation

Important Facts About Booze Transportation

Companies producing wine, beer or spirits are no longer just big national or international breweries and wineries. The microbrewery, local vineyard, and craft spirit distiller are all becoming more and more common and more in demand.

As these companies grow and expand their market, they need to find trucking companies capable of safe and efficient booze transportation servicesc. It is essential to understand there are very strict regulations and restrictions around transporting of alcohol, and not all trucking companies may have the expertise or the experience to be able to meet the standards required.


Many states require a permit for a trucking company to be able to provide booze transportation. This means transporting through the state as well as delivering into the state. Other states may only require a permit if the truck is stopping to make pick ups or deliveries in the states but otherwise is simply traveling through the state.

The trucking company needs to know what permits are required for a specific type of shipment. This is particularly important for LTL (Less than Load) types of shipments where the truck may make multiple stops across multiple states.

Temperature Control

Throughout most of the United States and Canada for most of the year, it will be important to have temperature control on the trucks. Overheating of wine and beer is particularly problematic while spirits are less problematic.

Freezing temperatures are a real concern. Shippers need to verify that the trucking company hired for booze transportation has reliable temperature control in the truck that meets or exceeds current standards.

It is also important to have a reliable trucking company completing delivery that can arrange to arrive at drop off and pick up locations on time.

This is particularly important for drop-off at retail outlets as many have extra staff on hand just for deliveries. Failing to have a reliable carrier can end up in losing out in sales through that outlet.

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