CDL Schools in Chicago Help Reduce the Chronic Shortage of Truck Drivers


The United States has a chronic shortage of workers in certain occupations. There are various reasons for this. Some occupations do not pay well and have erratic hours. Others, like long-haul trucking, require being away from home for days or even weeks. At any given time, trucking companies seek to fill some 50,000 open positions nationwide. This creates a remarkable opportunity for people interested in completing training at CDL Schools in Chicago.

Aside from being on the road so much, three other problems related to the shortage of people interested in becoming truckers have been pointed out by economy experts.

The Possibility of Automation

One is nervousness about whether automation will take over these jobs within the near future. There seems to be little point in training for an occupation that may disappear within 10 or 15 years.

Shortages in Other Occupations

Another is the shortage of workers in other occupations that pay fairly well and do not require being away from home. An example is construction. People can easily find jobs in carpentry, roofing and general construction for residential and commercial buildings. The work is hard and potentially hazardous, and the hours can be long, but the workers are home every night or nearly so.

Many Hours of Training Required

A third factor is the requirement for many hours of training to qualify for a Class A commercial drivers license. Men and women often can sign on with a company for paid training by agreeing to work for this organization for a certain length of time after completing the program, such as 10 or 12 months. Some companies reimburse new employees for completing training at one of the CDL Schools in Chicago.

Job Placement Services

Although paid training completed through a contract arrangement with a company guarantees a job, many people want the freedom to decide among a broad range of opportunities once they graduate. An advantage of training with an organization such as Star Truck Driving School is the job placement emphasis there. To learn about placement services with this particular training center, interested men and women may visit the website.

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