Identifying The Law Through A Personal Injury Lawyer In Norman, OK

by | Dec 18, 2014 | Lawyers

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Oklahoma injury laws imply that all litigants who wish to file a lawsuit to seek damages are limited to two years for any claim. This includes insurance claims as well as lawsuits. The victim is required to submit proper evidence to the court to support their claim, which must be deemed viable before proceedings continue. If you wish to file a claim, you can hire a Personal Injury Lawyer Norman OK by contacting the Cain Law Office today.


Understanding the Use of Discovery


In all legal proceedings, attorneys for either side may utilize discovery efforts to determine whether or not all information submitted is factual. It can also be used to determine if sources of income for the at-fault individual have been misrepresented to the court. For accident proceedings, it is used to ensure that both parties maintained automobile insurance as directed by state laws.

This process also allows either attorney to question any witness’s testimony and require deposition at any time. It allows them to make distinctions about any discrepancies within the testimony or evidence submitted. All testimonies provided during these additional meetings are conducted under oath.


Reviewing the Law


As outlined in Oklahoma law, victims of personal injuries have the legal right to compensation. They receive economic awards to cover medical and auto repair costs. Any expenses that are related to the injuries or accident itself are included in this award. However, any victim who has a claim for mental anguish or pain and suffering may receive further awards based upon the severity of these tort concepts.


If you were injured in an accident in which evidence supports the claim that someone else is responsible, you should contact an attorney and proceed through the litigation process. These proceedings allow you to fight for compensation based on the way in which you were injured and the level of severity. An assessment of crimes linked to these cases are also considered when these cases are litigated. This presents the judge with a full analysis of the accident in question. If you wish to discuss your options, contact a Personal Injury Lawyer Norman OK today. Click here for more details.

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