Removing Lime Scale isn’t the End of the World


Depending where a person lives, they may have a problem with lime scale. Lime scale is a deposit left by hard water. Hard water is the term given to water which contains dissolved minerals. The vast majority of water contains these minerals and the higher the level, the harder the water will be.

Water is not naturally hard. When it falls as rain water, it is soft, and as it runs through porous rocks such as limestone or chalk it absorbs minerals such as calcium and magnesium carbonate, and becomes harder as a result.

Hard water is so widespread that it isn’t generally seen as a problem. However, when hard water builds up to a point in which it causes lime scale, it can soon become very problematic. It’s not hard to see why so many people turn to lime scale remover when faced with a build-up:


The use of detergents in hard water can be difficult. Both soap and washing powders, or liquids, can become less effective as a result of hard water or lime scale build up, meaning washing can be less effective and clothing can look dirty, even if they’ve recently been laundered.

Skin Sensitivity

There is also research to suggest lime scale and hard water can contribute significantly to the likelihood of developing skin problems such as eczema. This can occur because of a reaction between lime scale or hard water and soap or body wash. Evidence suggests this is especially true in young children.

Unsightly Damage

Many people only become aware that lime scale is causing them a problem when they see the physical evidence. This often takes the form of an unsightly film which covers surfaces in the kitchen or bathroom making them appear dirty and faded. With current fashions leaning towards chrome and silver appliances and decor, it’s little wonder these unsightly marks are being quickly treated by lime scale remover.

Pipe Damage

The vast majority of the damage which hard water can do in the home or business is taking place under the surface where it cannot always be seen until too late. Lime scale tends to build up in places where water flows such as the pipes of baths, sinks, washing machines and dishwashers.

This can cause significant problems for the home or business owner. Not only is their appliance likely to be far less efficient, by up to 12%, but the added layer of lime scale can cause appliances to burn out or become permanently clogged.

Despite the many problems which lime scale can cause, ridding yourself of this problem is relatively simple. The ScaleBlaster system, from www.scaleblaster.com, has been providing lime scale remover for residential, commercial and industrial properties since 1995.

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