Huron Valley Animals are Looking for Your Charitable Donations

by | Sep 4, 2014 | Health & Medical

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Due to circumstances beyond their control, many pets find themselves in a shelter setting. Maybe their owners moved or didn’t really understand the time and cost needed to care for them properly. Some pets find themselves there after their elderly owners have died and there was no one left to care for them. Some are young, puppies and kittens who were born to a family that didn’t understand the need to spay or neuter their pets. Regardless for the reason animals at the shelters like the Humane Society of Huron Valley can greatly benefit from your Charitable Donations.

Top quality care requires funding and the animals at an animal shelter are no exception. They need food, housing and medical care. Programs to socialize pets, educate the community and find them the forever homes they need are volunteer driven and succeed from the benefit of community and individual donations.

Donations can be big or small and each one is a gift to an animal in need. You can donate with a general cash contribution or direct your donation to a specific need. Maybe you’d like to set up a dedicated monthly donation or donate in the memory of a beloved pet or family member. Donations to fund specific items like cages or a brick for the donation wall are other options. You can provide support by donating to events or educational needs.

There are many ways to donate. Maybe you don’t have the funds to donate but are willing to give of your time. There is always a need for volunteers to help with the animals and events. Or take a look at the wish list, you may have just the items they need. Involve your friends, family and neighborhood and host an event such as a garage or bake sale. Hold a food drive to help feed the animals or at your next party ask guests to bring an items such as a toy or blanket. Charitable Donations can take many forms, there is a way for everyone to be involved. Remember that whether you are giving time, money or items, the animals will benefit and thank you.

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