How To Plan A Memorial Service In Debary FL

How To Plan A Memorial Service In Debary FL

Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult things a person can go through. After they pass, a Memorial Service in Debary FL would need to be planned. There are several details that go into the planning of a memorial service.

Choose a Location

The first detail that needs to be decided is a location for the memorial service. Many people will visit their local funeral home for the location. The people who run the funeral home will assist the individual with the planning process, the selection of the casket or urn, and anything else that they may need.

Write the Obituary

In order for friends and family members to find out about the loved ones passing, the date and time of the Memorial Service in Debary FL should be written up in the obituary. The obituary should also contain information about the loved one’s life. All of this information should be taken to the local newspaper to be printed. Also, the individual should call any loved ones who live out of town and will not see the announcement in the paper.

Choose a Leader of the Service

It is important to find someone to lead the service. This could be a member of the clergy, a family member, or a friend. It depends on the type of service the family wants.

Print Out Memorial Cards

It is nice to hand out memorial cards at the memorial service. It is something the guests can have to remember their loved one by. The memorial card can have a photo of the person who passed along with a nice quote or a poem. Finally, the departed’s birthday and the day that they passed away should be included.

Create a Photo Collage

It is a good thing to create a photo collage of the departed so that guests can remember them when they arrive at the service. These photos should be put on large poster boards so that many photos can be added in the collage.

Choose the Music

It is nice to have music playing in the background at the memorial service. The person planning the memorial can choose some of the departed’s favorite songs. They should also choose some songs that are calming and healing.

For more information on planning a memorial service, contact Baldauff Family Funeral Home & Crematory.

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