How To Go About Cremation in Palm Springs, CA


When a loved one passes away, if he/she did not specify ahead of his/her passing, it is up to the family to decide whether he/she will be laid to rest via burial or cremation. Palm Springs, CA follows the laws of California when it comes to someone’s passing. Learn what must take place for a cremation in Palm Springs CA.

What Exactly Is Cremation?

Many people think of cremation (Palm Springs, CA or in any other location) as their loved one being burned into ashes. Truth be told, the material one’s loved one will become is actually more of a gray, sand-like material. This occurs when the loved one’s deceased body is exposed to a very high temperature, causing the body to be turned into particles. These particles are then crushed into this sand-like material. Cremation has not just been limited to modern times; it has actually existed since the Prehistoric Era.

Who Decides Upon The Cremation?

In Palm Springs, CA (and any other city in CA), state law says that the person who holds the right to control the location of the body is the one who also decides upon cremation or not (provided the loved one didn’t decide upon his/her burial or cremation before he/she died). He/She authorizes it through a written document that states the time and location of the actual cremation.

One Other Important Permit for California Cremation

In addition to the information above, there is one other important permit that must be present for a legal cremation. This document is provided by the health department of the county in which the cremation takes place. Many funeral homes and crematories can arrange to have this permit created and presented as part of the funeral arrangements to ensure that the cremation is a legal one under California law.

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