How to Get Social Security Benefits

by | Jul 22, 2014 | Lawyers

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If you have been injured or suffered some other kind of disability in your line of duty, the government has a provision that allows you to apply for disability benefits. This will help you support yourself and your family during the period of time that you will be out of work. However, the process of filing for and getting benefits isn’t as easy as many people like thinking it is. It is therefore important to get the help of a lawyer when making the application for social security benefits. Here are reasons you will find these lawyers indispensable.

They will help you with the application process

Many people go through a lot of stress, rejections and long waits after applying for benefits because they don’t take the time to find out the right way to do things. For instance, what you could be thinking qualifies as a disability might not be one of the things that the state considers disabilities. A lawyer will help you know how to prove that your condition, whether listed as a disability or not, causes the same inconveniences as one of the listed conditions.

The other mistakes that people make in the application is failing to give consistent information regarding their financial affairs and other disability related issues. In case the social security finds an inconsistency in the information that you give them, they disqualify you because they want to protect themselves from fraud. A lawyer will help you cross-check the application in order to make sure that everything is consistent.

Making appeals

If you made the first application and it was rejected, you will also need the help of an attorney in making an appeal. The lawyer will review the first application that you had made and look at the mistakes that could have cost you the approval.

They will then gather additional evidence, medical records and financial records to strengthen you case. They will know the right channels to follow to make sure that the appeal is listened to and attended to appropriately.

These are the important services that Nash Disability Law of Thomas Nash will offer you.

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