How to Find Good Storage Facilities


Looking for good storage facilities doesn’t have to stress you out. There are a lot of fine facilities out there. Here are a few tips to help you find the best one:

Consider the Size

That’s always the first consideration: make sure you have room enough for what you want to put in storage. If you’re putting in camping gear, along with your RV, then you need to take accurate measurements so you know if you have enough room for everything or not.

Pick Reasonable Rates

Low-cost options are often a disappointment. Instead of opting for the lowest price, be money-wise. Choose companies that offer great features that give you value for your money instead.

Cleanliness Matters

Pick storage facilities in Cleveland Ohio that are clean, says Sparefoot. This way, you know the staff will take good care of your car or possessions in the same way. If the facility is disorganized, untidy, and quite a mess, you certainly wouldn’t want your possession to end up in the same way. So head on to the next facility on your list.

Observe Customer Service

How fast did they respond to your email or calls? How did the staff treat you? Were they respectful or rude? Were they friendly or did they seem intent on rushing you off? Did they provide you with good answers or not? You’ll need to factor in these things as well.


Does the manager live on site? That could be ideal since it really amps up the security on your property or goods. And when things go wrong, an onsite manager can easily get to the problem rather than someone who’s an hour or two away.

Scout around for a good storage facility. With these tips, finding one can be much, much easier than you imagined.

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