Finding The Right Limited Access Drill Rig For The Job

Finding The Right Limited Access Drill Rig For The Job

It would be very helpful if all areas that need to be drilled were in easy to access, flat and obstruction free. As a professional you know that this is rarely the case, particularly if you are working in rural areas or in areas of the country with challenging topography. It can also be the case for drilling in confined spaces such as in buildings or to create retaining walls in already developed neighborhoods and along roadways.

For these types of drilling operations, a limited access drill rig is the ideal solution to the problem. These rigs, as the name implies, are designed to be easy to move into and use in areas where a standard drill rig mounted on larger equipment is simply not safe or feasible.
Options to Consider

Skid steers are often a very good option for the equipment as they are highly mobile and travel across more rugged terrain than larger machines. Additionally, with a well-designed skid steer limited access drill rig, it will be possible to drill from either side.

This is a very important consideration as it helps the operator to quickly and easily position the skid steer and the drill attachment to be in the right position without endless maneuvering. Additionally, these types of drill rigs are set up to allow for maximum options in positioning the drill rig. With additional stability and control to the mast, the operator can maintain the position of the equipment for safe drilling even when conditions are less than ideal.

It is also possible to use a drilling machine that allows for remote operator control. This is a very safe option that can allow the operator to be as far as twenty meters from the drilling unit. Indoor drilling or drilling in specific outdoor locations this protection is not only important but also an essential consideration.

Running costs will also be a consideration with a limited access drill rig. Even if a drill rig is great at its job if it is cost prohibitive to operate it is not a sound investment.

Finally, it will be important to ensure that different drill heads can be used with the rig to allow for various applications. This can include augering, micro piling, drilling and anchoring. The more applications the machine is able to handle the greater the use and the ability to use the drilling machine on small and large projects, which in turn expands our options for working on drilling jobs.

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