How to Find an Ideal Pawn Shop in Chicago

by | Jul 10, 2014 | Jewelry

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Economic times are getting harder each day and any extra dollar can go a long way in meeting one’s needs. It is possible to secure a loan by pledging personal property as collateral in a Pawn Shop in Chicago. The contractual period for this loan must be reasonably long to enable the borrower to repay the pawnbroker.

After the agreed period, the pawnbroker releases the items on payment of the loan plus an agreed-upon interest. The payment period can be extended if there is a possibility of it expiring before the loan is fully settled. It is only when there is complete default that the items are put on sale to recoup the loan value. The pawnbroker has the responsibility of safeguarding the items used as collateral from any form damage or theft. The owner must return to find them in good shape. Chicago has strict laws that protect this business from all kinds of malpractices, making pawn shops in Chicago an attractive place to borrow.

One may also bring items to the pawn shop with an intention of selling them outright. Similarly, if one is looking for a cheap source of items, a pawn shop in Chicago is the way to go. This might be for financial gain or for disposing of items that are of little value in the home. There are various categories of items that are commonly pawned in Chicago. They include jewelry, electronics, sporting gear, and musical instruments among others.

Quality jewelry from a trusted brand can be an instant source of money at a pawnshop. The brands that fetch the highest prices include Cartier, Rolex, Breitling, Tiffany and Yurman. The following are the most commonly traded jewelry in pawn shops in Chicago.

1. Vintage watches
2. Silverware
3. Diamond jewelry
4. Loose diamonds
5. Gold jewelry
6. Silver and gold coins
7. Antique jewelry
8. Unwanted jewelry

Other items that are pawned include TVs, camcorders, computers, sterling flatware, video games and musical instruments. This is one unique way of earning money on items that one can do without in a home. The pawn business also becomes useful when in need of quick money, especially during emergency.

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