How To Complete A Storm Window Installation In Dublin, Ohio


In Ohio, storm windows provide protection against inclement weather conditions. They heighten security for the property by providing stronger locking mechanisms. The installations offer custom fitting for a variety of window styles. The following are the steps followed by contractors to complete a storm Window Installation in Dublin Ohio.

Obtain the Right Measurements

The contractor measures the width, starting around the window jamb. They acquire three measurements starting from the top and working toward the bottom. Next, they measure the height starting at the center and then along the sides. They use the lowest measurement when placing the order for the window.

Apply the Window Caulking to Seal It Off

Caulking is applied to all outer edges of the window. The contractor distributes the caulking evenly to prevent the elements from causing damage. The bottom portion isn’t caulked to allow rainwater to flow outward and prevent mold development. Moisture produces an accumulation of bacteria that threatens the health of the homeowner.

Start the Fitting Process

The contractor positions the window into the sill tightly. They set the window in the center and position it between the sides. A tight fit ensures support for the window.

Secure the Window in Its Correct Place

The contractor drills the holes at least twelve inches apart. The produced holes are centered with the window stops. The contractor inserts sheet metal screws into the holes and connects them at each edge of the window. The contractor completes the installation by placing trim over the screws.

What Type of Warranty is Available for Storm Windows?

The standard warranty for storm windows is ten years. The warranty provides repairs if damage occurs. A replacement is available if the windows aren’t repairable. The warranty provides extensive protection against potential damage.

In Ohio, storm windows are beneficial installations for residential properties. They improve the energy-efficiency of the property and prevent sudden increases in energy consumption. They prevent pests from entering the property and reproducing. The windows are structurally sound and deter criminal acts such as home invasions.

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