4 Ways to Simplify the Process of Real Estate Appraisal


Many assume that the process is complete when they accept a bid on a home for sale, but that’s when it actually begins. For most home sellers, an appraisal can be one of the most overwhelming parts of the process. Lenders often mandate the use of appraisers approved by the FHA, which means the homeowner has no input in determining the home’s value. Below are several things sellers can do to make the process of Real Estate Appraisal simpler and more successful.

Remember That Appraisers are Only Human

Appraisers aren’t magicians, and they cannot determine the value of the home the minute they walk in. Developing an understanding of appraisals can help homeowners comprehend how a home’s value is assessed. The Real Estate Appraisal with Spectrum-re-services.com starts by finding comparable listings in the same area, and they visit the house to determine its quality and condition. The process can take several days, and the seller should be patient.

Clean it Up

The appraiser’s job is not to determine how clean the house is, but it is still good practice to mop, dust and cluutter before they arrive. Reliable appraisers won’t devalue a home because it’s a little messy, but an organized, neat home may prove beneficial. Other household members should prepare for the appraiser’s arrival, and they should act accordingly.

Get Paperwork in Order

Before the appraiser gets there, the homeowner should gather all the documentation they have on the home. Most appraisers ask for this info right away, either through a broker or directly. It’s a good idea to have a list of permits and improvements, as well as information on the condition and age of the HVAC system, roof, and appliances. Full disclosure, in the beginning, can help the homeowner avoid costly and inconvenient delays.

Don’t Rely too Heavily on Improvements

A modern kitchen may be stunning, but it might not add too much to the value of a home. Most improvements only yield a small return on investment. For instance, a pool may be great in a hot climate, but the additional liability may negate some of the value. You can join us at Linkedin.

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