How to Choose Your Diamond Promise Rings

by | Dec 10, 2014 | Jewelry

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Ever heard the line that promises are meant to be broken? That sentiment seems to point to a sad and dark condition that the world is in. A world without trust and hope seems like such a terrible place to live in. Diamond promise rings are kind of like a ray of hope in the darkness—being tangible representations of keeping sacred the things that are most important to people.


Often, diamond promise rings are shared between a couple or a couple-to-be, and represent a singular value that is equally important to both parties. For example, they can be used to signify a commitment to monogamy in a very solid way, with the rings representing a physical reminder everyday. Another common usage of diamond promise rings would be when a couple takes a vow of chastity with the ring manifesting a physical representation of that vow.


Pick Diamond Promise Rings That Suit You Both


When picking out a pair of rings, it’s really a nice thing when they match. It only serves to heighten the experience of being truly one in something and committed towards the same goal. That said, it’s obviously important that they be in the form and shape that both partners would be willing to wear comfortably. Don’t make the guy wear a pink diamond heart ring! It might induce a greater desire to take it off.


In this case, a good choice is a white gold or a silver diamond promise ring with a bauble that’s not too big. Simpler is better because it isn’t as likely to create gender associations either way in anyone who might see them on you two. You can always reserve the bigger rocks for the actual engagement later on. At this point in time, those promise rings are a step in the right direction.


Make Sure to Understand the Promise


When meaning something sincere and concrete, diamond promise rings can be a very beautiful thing for a couple! It is, in a sense, a powerful commitment to something the two of you want to place first in the relationship. If neither of you put anything behind that promise, then they may as well be trinkets. It might seem like an intangible factor to consider, but in a strongly psychological way, it’s true.


So before you even buy a diamond promise ring, it’s important that the two of you fully thresh out what its ultimate meaning is. There’s no room to be vague or confusing or uncertain. If you both truly love each other, then there’s nothing to fear when setting these kinds of parameters to be bound by actual rings. So in the end, diamond promise rings are only as good as the caliber of promise they’re representing.

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